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For over 32 years we’ve been helping electrical professionals obtain their master electrician license and journeyman electrician license, by providing powerful training solutions for electrical exam prep, tradesman post-licensing education, ICC electrical exams for electrical inspectors, and national electrical code-specific instruction for electrical design professionals. Whether you’re a student opening the code book for the first time, an electrician looking to take a national electrical code-based electrician exam, a journeyman electrician looking to get to the next level, or a master electrician wanting to get to the next milestone in your profession, we are here to help you by offering the best and most comprehensive online electrical exam prep with extensive master electrician and journeyman exam test database questions and electrical education along with many other resources available on the market today. The Fast Trax® Programs we offer are 100% online and adaptive to any web browser.

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We offer a program called Fast Trax® Orange. This program gives your (2) Years of access to the main core programs we offer.

Note: at the time of ordering you can substitute our Fast Trax® Purple, Magenta*, or Yellow for any of the core programs. * For 2020 NEC Bundle Only

2017 NEC Fast Trax® Orange – $749.00
2020 NEC Fast Trax® Orange – $749.00
2017 & 2020 NEC Fast Trax® Orange – $899.00

If purchased separately would cost over $ 1,700.00

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Online Electrical Exam Preparation Programs

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