Basic Electrical Theory Course

Electrical Theory and Basic Electrical Fundamentals

Electricity 101 – The Working Guide to Electricity provides a critical foundation in electrical theory, which forms the backbone for all careers that encompass the electrical industry, including motor controls, PLCs, lineman, contractors, fiber optics, and wiring. Assuming no prior knowledge of electricity, the author uses practical examples to introduce basic electrical circuits, DC and AC theory, as well as meters, transformers, and motors. The author also limits math to basic algebra and trigonometry with step-by-step examples. All information and updates reflect the latest National Electric Code. MindTap multimedia online resources, testing, and a lab manual are also available.

This course is based on our blended learning process.

1) Course Reading Assignments

2) Dozens of Quizzes and Tests

3) 35 Units Of Study

4) Real-World Examples & Videos

Walking you step by step through all the fundamental concepts of electricity, Understanding  AC/DC Theory and series and parallel circuits along with all the other fundamentals of electricity equip you with the basic knowledge and skills you need to advance your career in the electrical industry and move up in your profession. This text is written in easy-to-read language and packed with vivid photographs and illustrations to help you understand key concepts. It is also thoroughly updated to reflect the 2017 National Electric Code, the standard for layout and construction of electrical systems. Plenty of example problems and detailed solutions clearly illustrate how the concepts apply to real-world situations. 

The student will have access to this course for (12) Months.

Anyone looking to gain a better knowledge and understanding of electricity this intensive all-inclusive 365-day course advanced understanding concepts like AC/DC Theory, the Atomic structure of atoms, magnetism and so much more from industry experts that take most electricians and electrical engineers a lifetime to learn. Our interactive LIVE format and TextBook Review is the key to learning. You will have daily reading assignments, quizzes, and lab assignments to complete this course.

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