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Maximum receptacles

In this forum you will be posting questions and answering questions on the 2017, 2020, and 2023 NEC. Please be specific in terms of your questions.

All answers by Fast Trax® System Staff are based on the 2023 NEC.

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So I failed a rough inspection for having 7 receptacles on a 15 amp bedroom circuit. He stated max is 6 for 14awg. I asked for a code section he said it’s in the load calcs. Any Suggestions lol
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Is this a commercial job or residential?
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Well, since it was stated it is a "bedroom" I doubt it is a commercial location. So, the 180VA that may be implied is false and the inspector should be ashamed of themselves. Now, if they can't show you this in a local rule (adopted ordinance) then I would go over his/her head to the Building Official. This is a lesson that needs to be learned on both sides.

Now, there is nothing in the National Electrical Code that restricts the number of receptacle outlets and subsequent devices on a single 15 Amp branch circuit. If this is indeed a residential application or even individual dwelling units of a multifamily building then your inspector is wrong and should be confronted. Force them to show the local rule otherwise tell them you will be going over his/her's head to the building official or the city manager if that is necessary.

Do not be afraid of repercussions because if there are any you can also file a case against them for that too with the city and their HR department. Now, couple that if you happen to have some type of minority on your side you can also claim possible discrimination as well.
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