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Mobile Home Calculation - MIght as well spoil the beans

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Hey Folks,

Here are the values from tonights homework.

1,120 Sq. ft Mobile Home
(2) Small Appliance Branch Circuits
(1) 6000 VA Range @ 240V
(1) 1500 VA Heater @ 240V
(1) 500 VA Blower Motor @ 120V
(1) 500 VA Dishwasher @ 120V

Now., remember what I said about the Laundry. Well, I was hoping to use it and catch you all next week as a trick but you all actually figured it out before I could sneak it past you all. I tried my best to salvage it and tell you all to "ignore" the laundry.....and then I was planning on taking your homework next week and see if adding the laundry or not adding the laundry changed the value of the question.

Well, then I realized that would not fair...the moment I ended the EITHER way it will not change the answer if you add the laundry or not. But spoiler will need the laundy value of 1500 VA and I was going to explain it next week as I have a BLOG on this coming out Thursday....
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