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Daily Code question, weekday and weekend edition

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My fellow Electrical Professionals, this was posted over on the chat app today and this would be a real shame if it happened. But it seems like it is a real possibility. These apps were set up to give the electrical professional from 1st year apprentices to masters electrician a place to ask
your electricaly related questions, chat about things going on on the job or just to say hi. Now this great resource may be going away do to lack of interest. Which in my opinion is a real shame. Let's put this in perspective what other app can you go to and get a actual response from the site Admin. Yes at times you get a response from one of the modes or a electrical professional who happens to see your question. But even are answer's are checked and if necessary add on to or corrected by the site Admin. If you know of any othr app that has that please let me no. Admin and the staff at Master The Nec and Electric Code Academy not to mention the great mods on the site, put in a lot of time and effort to make sure that every question is answered, every problem gets fixed and everyone feels welcome. So let's give the app a shot and let others people know it's here and try to make this the best forum for electrical information and advice on the web because if we don't it will be gone .


02:19 PM

Sadly, it looks like no one likes using these bonus features or The Sparky Hub. Since they require additional work and time I will be looking at possibly closing down these features in the near future.


08:37 PM

Sadly, as much as I hate to say it Admin I must agree with you on this. I really do injoy writing the daily code question weekend edition but Sadly only 1 or 2 people are interested in answering the question laid out on this forum and that has become vary sporadic. I will continue to do the weekend questions if people are interested but if not there are other things I can be doing. Although I would really like to keep doing this instead. But only if there is an interest.

Have a great weekend everyone thanks for reading 📚.
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