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The National Electrical Code is daunting enough as written. Our Fast Trax® programs are designed to teach you how to Understand, Interpret, and Implement the National Electrical Code.

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What Makes Us So Special?

Our Fast Trax® programs are protected by a federal "service mark" by the United Patent and Trademark Office. The programs we create are designed to actually teach you the National Electrical Code at levels previoulsy unheard of.


Who we are

Our CEO and Founder serves on the National Fire Protection Associations Code Making Panel 5 (Article's 200 and 250) and Code Making Panel 17 (Articles 422, 424, 425, 426, 427, 680, and 682). He has been teaching the NEC® for over 32 years.
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What we do

The goal of Electrical Code Academy, Inc. is to teach electrical apprentices, journeyman electricians, master electricians, electrical inspectors, and electrical engineers the National Electrical Code. This is a simple mission with help others gain deeper knowledge of the NEC®.

How our systems work

The Fast Trax® System of learning is designed to invoke Reading Comprension, Balistic Learning, and Repetitive Actions into the learning process. Our CEO has created an all emersive learning process that engages students by testing their ability to retain information.

The NEC can be a complicated document. I have spent over 30 years helping people learn this technical jargon and I have loved every minute of this amazing journey

Paul W. Abernathy, CMECP® CEO