Grounding and Bonding Electrical

Electrical Grounding and Bonding Course

Introducing the electrical industry’s most comprehensive instructor-led online-based curriculum program ever created. Electrical Code Academy, Inc. has put together this all-inclusive 365 Day course designed to touch every critical aspect of Grounding & Bonding.

This course is based on our blended learning process.  You will get a very detailed explanation of each of the chapters included in the program. The Fast Trax® Purple Program is for licensed electricians who wish to gain an edge on their grounding and bonding in accordance with Article 250 of the National Electrical Code. This is a must-take course for all electricians, both journeymen, and masters. Understanding the fundamentals of electrical systems is critical and the grounding and bonding aspects are vital to electrical safety.

This program will greatly reduce your learning curve.

1) Course Reading Assignments

2) Quizzes and Tests

Completely updated to reflect the 2017 or 2020 National Electrical Code, online access to the Fifth Edition of this user-friendly, practical guide features thorough, current coverage of grounding and bonding requirements in both Article 250 and Chapter 5 of the NEC. Full of clear explanations, real-world examples, and vibrant, full-color illustrations, this trusted course and included content will help you master and apply key electrical concepts, such as calculating conductor sizes, reading and interpreting NEC tables, using grounded conductor connections in AC systems, managing installations and sizing. Whether you are pursuing professional training, or an apprenticeship (e.g., Independent Electrical Contractors, electrical training ALLIANCE, former NJATC courses), you can count on this course as a must-have resource to prepare you for career success.
Student will have access to this course for (12) Months. (365 Days)

Anyone looking to gain a better knowledge and understanding of grounding and bonding will gain in this intensive 365-Day course an advanced understanding of the NEC® that takes most electricians and electrical engineers a lifetime to learn. Our interactive LIVE format and TextBook Review is the key to learning. You will have daily reading assignments, quizzes.

2017 Full Course – $ 435.00
2020 Full Course – $ 435.00

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